Precision Engineered Equipment's Project Lifecycle

We expertly design and manufacture:

  • Assembly and Processing Equipment

  • Hydraulic Testing Stations and Machinery

  • Handling and Positioning Fixtures and Devices

  • Industrial Presses

  • Automated Foundry Equipment

  • Electrical and Mechanical Component Integration

  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

  • PLC and PC Based Controls

  • Casting Procurement

  • Prototype and Short Run Production Parts

You have identified an opportunity to improve your company's bottom line. Whether it involves an investment in tooling, fixtures, gauges or fully automated machinery, our goals are the same. Let us help you reduce your labor input, increase production throughput, improve quality, reduce scrap and reworked parts, or improve eronomics.


Concept Development

Often, with no up-front investment by your company, Precision will develop an initial concept model or drawing to stimulate ideas and discussions. We use these tools to identify the best method by which you and your company can benefit from this opportunity, and, by the conclusion of this stage, we will be able to provide you with a formal quotation for your project.


Project Design

After you approve our quote, Precision’s Engineers begin designing your equipment. We like to involve you in this process to insure your requirements are properly addressed. Prior to manufacturing, we will provide you with a copy of our drawings and models for your review and approval.


Product Manufacture

We understand that when building custom equipment, design activities do not end until the project has been delivered. During the manufacturing process, we continue to look for opportunities to improve upon our original goals. Of course, we keep you up to date on any changes we make so that unexpected complications do not arise.


Final Product

Next, we assemble your new product, and rigorously test it under the conditions it will see in service. We invite you and your team to our facility for a run off, and verify that your parts or products are processed to your satisfaction. With your approval, we conclude the project by supplying you with an updated parts list, operator manual, and other supporting documentation. We also make ourselves available to assist with installation and launch in your facility.

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