<< Valve Flushing System

Precision rebuilt and brought new life to old equipment by upgrading to more efficient, state of the art control systems and components.


Coining Press >>

Compact table top mounted presses and assembly machines with accurately designed fixtures and work holding systems. We work with you to streamline and automate your assembly processes.

<< Tools

Precision will design custom assembly tools and work aids. Let us help you increase productivity and improve product quality.

Core Manufacturing Machine >>

Uniquely designed stand alone equipment, collaboratively engineered to customer specifications, controlling high pressure pneumatics utilizing an HMI and PLC.


<< Rotarty Assembly Station

This rotary multi-function work station was integrated into an existing work cell to alleviate a bottle neck condition. Considerations such as speed, safety, and ergonomics were blended to create the right solution for this application.

Assembly Cart >>

This cart allowed an assembly technician to readily move large assemblies within a work cell. Interchangeable mounting points provided an ability to easily mount a different product type.

<< Work Holding Solutions

A unique tombstone fixture allowed the rapid exchange of an awkwardly shaped part. By constantly monitoring the completely self contained hydraulic circuit, we were able to ensure an adequate clamping force was maintained. A loss of pressure would initiate a shut down of the machining center.

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