Foundry Tooling and Molds

The foundation of Precision Pattern Company, Inc. has been built on supplying foundries with pattern tooling in wood, plastic, and metal.  Our engineering staff can design your products from scratch utilizing SolidWorks, or import most types of 3-D files. 

We often create supporting components such as core masks, core boxes, and gating system designs.  These tools and components are then tool pathed, transferred to our 3-axis machining centers for manufacture, and our journeymen finish your project by polishing and fitting the tools.

With over 60 years in the business, and with our team in place, Precision Pattern has the depth of experience necessary to produce the tools that you need. Our foundation is in building tooling for the foundry industry. However, our capabilities go beyond what you would expect from a pattern shop:

Precision Can:



Precision Pattern performs all of its tooling design in SolidWorks. We have the ability to import native files from various softwares and can import most 3D data files. With a SolidWorks partner software called FormatWorks, we can repair and modify models as needed. We are comfortable working with complex geometry. It is standard practice for us to export to you our completed designs for your review prior to the manufacture of the tooling.


We have the ability and equipment to build tooling from a wide variety of materials. From traditional pine or mahogany wood to poured or machined epoxies and urethanes. From aluminum and cast iron to A36, stainless or tool steels. We can build your tools from the material which best fits your needs and budget.


Precision has produced permanent molds from cast iron and steel. We have also produced many water cooled aluminum molds for the low pressure RIM molding process. We have the capability to design the molds in SolidWorks and to submit our designs to you for approval prior to manufacture.

Foundry Pattern Tooling

We can supply new tooling in varying complexities from loose prototype patterns to fully CNC machined Disa plates. From simple dump coreboxes to multiple cavity coreboxes with ejection, drawbacks and loose pieces. We have experience building tooling for a wide variety of core and molding machines.

Precision also welcomes repair and gating jobs on existing tooling as well as jobs involving rerigging existing tooling from one foundry to another. We understand that the performance standards for these “low tech” jobs are just as important to you as for the brand new tooling. Our shop team has the skills needed to handle these jobs quickly and efficiently and to achieve the results you need.

Fixtures, Gauges and Tooling

A unique capability of Precision Pattern is our ability and experience in providing foundries and other customers with fixtures and other devices used to improve the processing of their product. We have built core assembly fixtures, core setting fixtures and casting grinding fixtures of various types. We have built gauges for checking cores and castings. We are capable of providing end effectors for robots in your core or cleaning rooms. We will design these devices in SolidWorks starting with the casting and tooling models used in the production of the pattern tooling. We also have built tools and devices “by hand” using a casting or core for reference rather than an electronic model. Finally, we have the capability to provide fully automated devices for processing castings or performing value added operations on your product.

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